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01 January 2017 | news

On the first day of 2017 we extend our heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to our media friends and those who have assisted and inspired the OMAR NIODE FOUNDATION in its activities over the last 7 years. See our "2016 Achievement Metrics" in one image and read a few highlights and the blog post index here.

The year 2016 was an exciting year for all of us at Omar Niode Foundation as we received a number of accolades regarding two important books.

At the Table” published by ABC-CLIO in April is a fascinating insight into how dinner is defined in countries around the world. We are pleased to have the opportunity to contribute a chapter on Indonesia, represented by GORONTALO on pages 133-146. The editor Ken Albala, is a professor of history and director of food studies at the University of the Pacific and author/editor of 24 books on food.

Last November we met Matt Sartwell, founding partner of "Kitchen Arts and Letters" had a chat with him and presented "Trailing the Taste of Gorontalo."  Kitchen Arts and Letters is a legendary bookstore in New York City specializing in food and drink. With more than 12,000 titles in stock from around the world, its customers range from Michelin three-star chefs to home cooks. Founding partner Nach Waxman and managing partner Matt Sartwell compiled and edited "the CHEF says .. Quotes, Quips and Words of Wisdom."

"Trailing the Taste of Gorontalo" a book about food and culture travel in Gorontalo published by Omar Niode Foundation wins the "BEST IN THE WORLD – Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2016" for Asian Cuisine from Asian Books. A million thanks to the 14 authors, 10 photographers, 10 testimony writers, and all who wholeheartedly contributed their time and expertise.

Mr. Rachmat Gobel, a prominent Indonesian business figure presented the book as souvenirs to important guests at the wedding of her daughter attended by thousands of people in Gorontalo.

Edouard Cointreau of Gourmand International who invited us to the Frankfurt in October. This year the Frankfurt Book Fair and the World Cookbook Fair launched the Gourmet Authors Center, an international area for culinary authors at the Gourmet Gallery of Frankfurt Book Fair. The Omar Niode Foundation was there for a display of "Trailing the Taste of Gorontalo" introduced in the Gourmet Gallery tour and had a presentation on Gorontalo and its food.

Karida Niode wins first prize in a #MoreThanATourist storytelling competition organized by Visit.org with her article "Ceviche, a Modern Taste of the Incan Empire." Visit.org asked its community of travelers to share moments from their trips when they’ve felt like they were more than a tourist to change the way the world travels by promoting immersive, local experiences. Thank you to everyone who voted for Karida.

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