A Cup of Tea is the Universe

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11 February 2017 | blogpost

The Eco Learning Camp Foundation http://www.ecolearningcamp.org/ in Bandung, Indonesia was established to develop educational activities, conservation, research, community development, and a variety of other creativity-based activities.

The Foundation has non-formal education programs delivered through nature and environmental discourses, integrated with knowledge about the relevant science and culture to raise awareness that leads to active participation in protecting nature and its environment.

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Shierly Megawati, the Chair of Eco Learning Camp Foundation runs the Eco Camp wholeheartedly with her team, welcoming thousands of individuals and groups to the camp. Aside from continuous fund raising for camp activities, there is always something creative that Shierly presents.

 Image: Eco Camp

Recently she philosophically and physically showed us how to eternally appreciate nature, and the universe, through cup of tea. Here is her insight into a cup of tea.


A cup of Tea is the Universe

Let us gaze into a warm cup of tea

Its beautiful color is golden brown

 Image: Eco Camp 


This golden color object was once a seed

That would enter into the dark soil

It breaks and begins struggling to penetrate the ground


A cup of tea is hard work and partnerships

Minerals, soil, worms and microbes make seeds sprout into seedlings

The sun gives itself to help the seedlings

steadily grow into tea plants

 Image: Dodo Hawe/123rf.com

Tea farmers nurture them

Until in the early morning mist when the tea plants

and their kindness are ready to be picked

by soft hands


A few juicy young leaves

The goodness of the universe,

processed, dried,

and brought by traders into the kitchen

 Image; Lakov Kalinin/123rf.com

A cup of hot tea is a gathering of clouds

Changing themselves into drops of rainwater

Seeping into the ground,

purifying and emerging

to the surface of land into water springs


The life throughout the universe

Acquired and warmed

united with the young tea leaves

Enriched into a cup of tea

 Image; Butsaya Ruengpen/123rf.com

Let us gaze again into a cup of tea

Feel its warmth

Inhale its delicious aroma


Smile for a cup of tea

Appreciate to the good of the universe

the goodness of the Creator


Slowly sip

Taste and feel all the senses


look into the empty cup

 Image: eco Camp 

A cup of warm tea is gone

A cup of compassionate hot tea is within us

that will soon turn into us


And, now it is our duty

to continue the struggle

to spread kindness throughout the universe


Thank you universe.


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