A Little Taste of Gorontalo at Nutritious Indonesia Conferences

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23 December 2017 | blogpost

Indonesia Bergizi or Nutritious Indonesia is a Consortium initiated by Japfa Foundation in Jakarta in 2015, together with its partners and networks; among others, Omar Niode Foundation, academics from UI Public Health Faculty, PT Media Pangan Indonesia, and PT Selaras Hati Sejahtera.

The main goal of Indonesia Bergizi is to promote and facilitate cross-cutting partnerships between Government, Companies, Non-Governmental Organizations and local governments to create sustainable and measurable nutrition improvement activities for all Indonesians.

Indonesia Bergizi

At the Indonesia Bergizi 2015 Conference with the theme "Nutrition Improvement of Children - Youth through Partnership Synergy," Omar Niode Foundation talked about nutritious traditional food, and binthe biluhuta Gorontalo, a traditional corn soup made from corn, grated coconut and shrimp is presented as an example for this.

"Young Women's Nutrition Improvement through Partnership Synergy" is the theme of the 2016 Conference. At that time Omar Niode Foundation presented popolulu Gorontalo, sweet potato balls with grated young coconut and pahangga, a special palm sugar from Gorontalo.

The theme of the 2017 Nutritious Indonesia Conference is "Sustainable Nutrition Improvement to Fight Stunting in the Era of SDGs through Social Entrepreneurship Approach."


Around 400 participants consisting of government, private, community and academic representatives attended the conference that also announced the winners of the INZI Creative Project 2017 and the NutriTEEN Project.

INZI Creative Project is an annual competition aimed at selecting creative ideas related to the improvement of nutrition in the community. In the era of sustainable development, health problem solutions do not have to continue to focus on donation-dependent social assistance as young people are using technology and social entrepreneurship as an alternative approach.

Ahmad Dahlan University with POCARI and AVS-SEC with Fish Flour are the winners of INZI Creative Project 2017 selected from 176 innovation ideas from all over Indonesia.

POCARI is a social entrepreneur scheme run by local food-based posyandu cadres. Posyandu is an integrative service post to improve health status, available in communities all over Indonesia. POCARI is a catering service targeting pregnant women, nursing mothers and infants aged 6-24 months.

Meanwhile, Fish Flour is an effort towards nutrition and food self-sufficiency of nutrition in the fisherman village of Pasir Jambak, West Sumatera through fish processing into fish meal by using protein booster technology.

 Images: Japfa Foundation

In 2016 Japfa Foundation appointed Maria Harfanti, a former beauty queen with a number of achievements as its Nutrition Ambassador to play an active role through campaigns that will run throughout the year, both on a national and international scale. She is also expected to be a role model for young women as a national figure who has a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition.

NutriTEEN (Nutritionist TEEN) 2017 is a preventive program of nutrition problems for young women in Indonesia. This program invites young people, especially young women to become NutriTEEN Nutrition Ambassador and actively involved in young women’s nutrition campaign. The three winners of NutriTEEN who were crowned NutriTEEN Nutrition Ambassadors were Aufa Jamilah from SMAN 8 Jakarta as First Winner, Janna Shafira from SMAN 6 Jakarta as Second Winner, and Mathilda Ruth from SMAN 8 Jakarta as Third Winner.

Tumpeng Bergizi Gorontalo

At the opening ceremony of the 2017 Nutritious Indonesia Conference, Omar Niode Foundation presented Tumpeng Bergizi Gorontalo, a nutritious cone-shaped rice corn with Gorontalo food as the side dishes.

The side dishes consist of nasi jagung (cone-shaped corn rice), ikan tongkol bakar suir (shredded grilled tuna with ground chili sauce), ihu pilitode (eggplant with turmeric and coconut milk), garo (spicy chicken liver sauté with dried rice vermicelli), ayam iloni (spicy grilled chicken with 10 herbs and spices), sambal sagela (grounded fish with chili), sayur bunga papaya (spiced papaya flower). Tumpeng Bergizi Gorontalo was featured to share information that delicious traditional food is also highly nutritious.


Images by Omar Niode Foundation, unless otherwise noted