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01 January 2018 | news

Happy New Year 2108 !

Our sincerest respect and gratitude to all who have supported and inspired the OMAR NIODE FOUNDATION in its activities over the last 8 years. See our "2017 Achievement Metrics" in one image, read a few highlights and explore our blog post index.


Last July we went to the Oxford Symposium on Food & Cookery (OSFC), an annual event that brings together writers, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, scientists, chefs and others who specialize in the study of food in history, its place in contemporary societies, and related scientific developments.

Mealtimes at every OSFC are always special and .meticulously prepared. This is our first experience attending the OSFC; hence, we tried to absorb all the information in the meeting rooms, and made notes in the dining hall at St. Catz, the largest among the colleges in the University of Oxford in England.

In Denver we teamed up with Chef Ire Evans, one of the top personal chefs in the city to organize a delightful Indonesian Dinner in April. Ire owns Green Cuisine, a unique service providing customers with healthy, preservative-free, and family friendly meals that are customized  and prepared in the convenience of their own homes. 

On the menu were sambal goreng udang pete (spicy shrimp and stinky beans), tahu dan tempe goreng (fried tofu and tempeh), binthe biluhuta Gorontalo (traditional corn soup), sayur asam (vegetables in tamarind soup), ikan bakar (grilled fish), daging gepuk goreng (sweet fried beef), sambal (chili condiment) and nasi putih (steamed rice). Desserts started with durian, the king of fruits and ended with es teler, literally translated as drunken ice, but is actually a bowl of mixed fruits with syrup.

 Image: Visit Sacramento

We had an amazing opportunity to attend the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) in Sacramento at the end of September. Our first IFBC was in 2012 in Portland, Oregon, a few months after this blog was established. Naturally we were ecstatic to have an update of the food blogging world through interactions with the 250 bloggers, writers, social media gurus, and food company representatives who were in Sacramento.

While in New York we visited Brooklyn Grange, the world's largest commercial rooftop farm business, operating a 4000 m2 farm in Long Island City and a 6000 m2 farm in Brooklyn Navy Yard. Each year the two farms produce nearly 23,000 kg of fresh vegetables. Through food, education and public events, Brooklyn Grange builds green spaces and promotes sustainable living and local ecology. The management believes that social enterprise is a driving force for positive change, and business should foster their communities.

In 2017 we continued to partake in or to organize activities where we can promote Gorontalo food, cultures, and rituals. Among the food that we continue to deeply explore were pahangga (Gorontalo artisanal palm sugar), nasi kuning (turmeric spicy rice), tabu moitomo (beef black soup), and tumpeng Gorontalo (cone-shaped rice corn and Gorontalo side dishes),

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