Trailing the Taste of Gorontalo (bilingual)

A collection of articles illustrating pleasure, satisfaction, zest, and curiosity about Gorontalo. Wins BEST IN THE WORLD - Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2016 for Asian Cuisine from Asian Books

Ekonomi Gaul Ekonom Kaki Lima

Minutes of economic tales extracted from the media

Illy the Globetrotter

A memorial photobook of 50 years around the world. A tribute to the late Mrs. Iliana Katili Uno, a member of Omar Niode Foundation's Governing Boards.

Singkong & Yogurt

A collection of recipes by Indonesian Food Blogger Group, using singkong (cassava) and yogurt as the main ingredients

Environmental and Region Based Food and Agriculture Production (In Indonesian)

Views on food and agriculture production written by government representatives, activists and academicians.

Food Science and Technology. A Memorial Publication for Omar Taraki Niode

This is a collection of papers, literature analysis, thesis results and laboratory work notes by Food Science and Technology alumni of the University of California, Davis, USA and Institut Pertanian Bogor/Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

50 Appetizing Snippets. Agriculture, Food and Culinary Muse

In this book you can find stories about culinary travel, food experience, programs, initiatives and tastes from around the world with 50% of the content focused on Indonesia.

A Bird's Eye View on Food Science and Food Industry. Omar Taraki Niode M.Sc. Selected Coursework.

A compilation of selected course works- a bird’s eye view for those who seek to understand the discipline of food science and the nature of food industry.

Agriculture and Food. Policy Review, Production and Research (in Indonesian)

A compilation of papers, published in cooperation with the South East Asian Food and Agricultural Science and Technology (SEAFAST) Center at IPB- Bogor Agricultural University, & FoodReview Indonesia magazine.

Insight into Asian and Hispanic Restaurant Manager Needs for Safe Food Handling

A Master’s Thesis researching the best practice of food safety education for Asian and Hispanic Restaurants.

Omar's Visual Journey (hard copy)

A collection of travel photography related to social, cultural and life in India. Published in cooperation with  GFJA, Antara Museum and Photojournalism Gallery.

Romantic to Pragmatic. Selected Writings of Omar Taraki Niode M.Sc.

An eclectic mix of writings that start from a short simple romantic poem about nature written during middle school to high school and college.