It's World Nutella Day

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10 February 2013 | blogpost

One way to eat Nutella is sandwiched between pandoro (sweet bread) or panettone (bread with dried fruit). Another way is frozen into an icy granita (semi frozen dessert). Those are just two ways out of 50 ways to eat Nutella listed by Sara Rosso and Michelle Fabio in their Kindle edition that we purchased: The Unofficial Guide to Nutella. History, Stories & Recipes


Contrary to its appearance, Nutella is not pure chocolate spread. In the Nutella jar label, made in Australia and sold in Indonesia, it says Hazelnut- Cocoa Spread. The ingredients of this halal product are sugar, vegetable oil, hazelnuts (13%), skim milk powder (8.7%), fat­reduced cocoa powder (7.4%), emulsifier (lecithins) (soy), and flavoring (vanillin).

Produced by Ferrero S.p.A., an Italian company who also produced Ferrero Rocher sweets, Kinder and Tic Tac Candy, Nutella is a global brand sold in 75 countries.

Every year, using 50 million kilograms of hazelnut, Ferrero produced 180 million kilograms of Nutella, packed in almost a billion glass jars and individual portion plastic packs.  The number of jars sold annually, if lined up, would wrap around the moon four times

Get Creative with Nutella

Sara, a digital strategist, writer and photographer; and Michelle, a lawyer turned freelance writer cohosted World Nutella Day 2013  on February 5th. It was a day to celebrate, to get creative with, and most importantly, to eat Nutella.

Both Sara and Michelle, Americans living in Italy, are not affiliated with Ferrero but encouraged lovers of Nutella to get creative with the chocolaty-hazelnut spread and blog about their creations or send in recipes and photos.

There are many ways to celebrate World Nutella Day: make a recipe using Nutella, eat Nutella with a big spoon, make art with Nutella, cuddle with Nutella, strike a pose with Nutella, re-live your first experience eating Nutella, have a Nutella-eating contest, or a Nutella party.

You can also share and learn all the initiatives promoted by The Official International Nutella® Spread Facebook page where it has more than 17 million likers. Nutella’s position is No. 10 on the Top Food/Beverage Brand on Facebook. Coca Cola is No. 1 with almost 59 million likers.

Forbes reported that compared to two years ago Nutella likers increased almost threefold after OgilvyOne, a digital direct network, worked on the international page with a team of five. OgilvyOne and Ferrero support local agencies running national version with insights and sometimes content. The primary global strategy for Nutella is to make its global followers think of the product as a breakfast staple. 

Nutella Controversies

While World Nutella Day is truly a labor of love for the tasty treat there are controversies surrounding Nutella.

A $3 million class­ action lawsuit was filed against Nutella for implying in its advertising that the chocolate spread is healthier than it really is. 

Recently, Senators in France proposed a 300 percent tax hike on palm oil on the grounds that its production harms the environment and its consumption fuels obesity.  As reported by Reuters, Nutella, which has 20% of palm oil as its ingredients, will not change the recipe.

Enthusiasts who use Nutella as ingredients and naming their creations with the brand name should be aware about the possible consequences. Citizen Media Law Project  wrote that Boloco, an eatery in Boston, who had been serving Nutella Milkshake for 14 years, has to stop using the Nutella name due to trademark infringement.

Nutella Sweet and Savory

Controversies aside, while Nutella is promoted as breakfast staple, thanks to World Nutella Day there are now hundreds of Nutella recipes submitted by bloggers around the world. The recipes vary from cookies and cupcakes to drinks and pizza as well as Nutella substitute recipes. 

It is fascinating to see in the collection of recipes the role of Nutella as not only excellent for sweet products but also suitable for savory dishes such as Chicken enchiladas with Nutella Mole Poblano and Nutella Marinated Steaks

Uncharted Nutella 

Turning the pages of The Unofficial Guide to Nutella with our Kindle Cloud Reader, and seeing the colorful recipes, we learned that in celebrating the World Nutella Day, the key is to do things with Nutella no one had ever dreamed of. After all, by reading the guide, we have been categorized by the authors as the elite few, the morbidly curious who seek out new and uncharted taste sensations.


Images: Rido, Voyagerix, Gustavo Toledo/Shutterstock, World Nutella Day