• Books and Publications - Omar Niode Foundation publishes books on a variety of subjects, with interest on agriculture, food and culinary themes. With donors assistance, books will be distributed free of charge to educational institutions and learning organizations.
  • Charities -  Donation to, and learning activities with charity organizations and orphanages
  • Educational Facilities-  The Foundation collaborates with donors to provide educational and tools and equipment such as books and computers to selected universities especially in Eastern Indonesia.
  • Public Events,  Seminars and Workshops- The Foundation participates in and sponsors food and agriculture related meetings to encourage more students and public interests in the subjects. 
  • Omar Taraki Niode M.Sc. Thesis Scholarships-  Merit and need based scholarships for students majoring in food and agriculture who are in their last year and in the process of writing their theses. 
  • Omar Taraki Niode M.Sc. Travel Awards-  On certain occasions the Foundation provides or facilitates travel awards for students, university staff, researchers, lecturers  or individuals to participate in educational visit, training or seminar that aim at strengthening agriculture, food and culinary arts education in their organizations.