And KEB, the Indonesian Mom Bloggers Group, Turns Two

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18 January 2014 | blogpost

KEB, short for for Kumpulan Emak Blogger is an Indonesian female blogger community. Its members consist of mommy bloggers and thousands of women bloggers residing in Indonesian cities and abroad.

We first met Mira Sahid, its founder, at an event last year, organized by nutrition groups to promote Breakfast Week as a yearly reminder for people to have healthy breakfast and balanced nutrition.

Mira who is a freelance writer and a social media enthusiast created KEB on January 18, 2012 via a Facebook group page .  Within one day more than 100 women bloggers had joined the group. KEB members, who call each other “mom” routinely share inspiration, information, motivation and work through their respective blogs and discussions on KEB’s Facebook Group. Its website is also quite informative.

The number of mommy bloggers, according to an article in the Punch Bowl, The Importance of Moms and Blogs to Brands, has increased tremendously over the years due to their wealth of knowledge and down-to-earth perspective. Such blogs are places for storytelling and information sharing on a wide spectrum on topics and trends.

KEB has also grown bigger. Today, its second anniversary, the group is home to almost 1500 members, managed by Mira Sahid (founder), Sary Melati (co-founder), Indah Juli Sibarani (co-founder), Irma Susanti (treasurer), Sumarti Saelan (secretary), Lusiana Trisnasari  (social media coordinator), Vema Syafei (public relation), Carolina Ratri (designer). This popular group receives frequent invitations to attend offline meetings of blogger communities, corporate products launching and collaboration offers.

To motivate members, KEB presents awards such as Emak of the Month (Mom of the Month) and the annual Srikandi Blogger Award to champion female bloggers who exist both in the virtual world and the real world. In 2013 there were 5 awards with Srikandi Blogger Life Time Achievement Award went to Yati Rachmat, a 74-year-old female blogger.

The community also promotes a number of online activities such as blogging together on a certain theme, enrolling in free how-to classes and 30 days blog challenge. Offline activities arranged vary from KEB birthday celebration (that we also attended), fun get-together and participating in corporate events and international blogger festivals.

We met Mira Sahid, KEB founder and the person behind its success, again a few months ago at one of Omar Niode Foundation’s gatherings. On the 6th National Bloggers Day, last year, we organized bloggers super brunch at The Dharmawangsa, gathering inspirational bloggers to get to know each other, share knowledge, and discuss about future culinary ideas for social purposes. 

Mira introduced KEB to the movers and shakers of blogger and food communities who came to admire her persistence in encouraging more women to blog. We highly appreciate her blog post Blogger Sunday Super Brunch and hope to collaborate with KEB for charity and culinary events.

On its second anniversary, today 18 January, KEB urges members to post simultaneously to their blogs with a theme: KEB di mataku (KEB in my eyes) from 08:00 AM to 11:50 PM.

Have a great anniversary KEB, many happy returns of the day.


Text: Amanda Niode

Images: Danny E Hooks, Rasstock, Hamara/Shutterstock, KEB, Monchichi Photography, Omar Niode Foundation