The World I Want to Live in by 2030

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24 September 2016 | blogpost

The Eco Learning Camp Foundation in Bandung, Indonesia was established to develop educational activities, conservation, research, community development, and a variety of other creativity-based activities.

The Foundation has non-formal education programs delivered through nature and environmental discourses integrated with knowledge about the relevant science and culture to raise awareness that leads to active participation to protect nature and its environment.

In line with the Social Good Summit 2016 we communicated with Eco Learning Camp to seek futuristic opinions from its communities. The Social Good Summit  in New York is a two-day conference examining the impact of technology and new media on social good initiatives around the world. Held annually during United Nations General Assembly Week in September, the Social Good Summit unites a dynamic community of global leaders and grassroots activists to discuss solutions for the greatest challenges of our time.

The theme of Social Good Summit 2016, #2030NOW, asks the question, “What type of world do I want to live in by the year 2030?”

A number of Ksatria Shambala (KS) from Eco Learning Camp expressed their opinions that we listed on this blog post, along with those from Eco Camp’s friends and management team. Ksatria Shambala or Knights of Shambala, with age range 19-30, were trained at Eco Camp to protect Mother Earth. They strive to raise awareness to care for oneself, others and the environment, and are willing to make change for the better.

We are so impressed by how the Ksatria Shambala expresed their visionary thoughts systematically. They provide contexts to the opinions and full of hopes for the future, that we decided to post all without any editing. 


In 2030, I want to live in a world where all beings respect diversity rather than raising differences, where we grow compassion ... and create peace that is not just glorified in theory, but also applied ... peace at heart, peace on earth (KS ALVER).

In 2030 I would be 32 years old and may already have children, or even grandchildren. My hope is that in 2030 I would be able to see my children and grandchildren feel the cool winds, clear water, beautiful environment and see many animals and plants grow around big trees and beautiful flowers (KS ERNI).

In 2030 technology is predicted to be more advanced, especially the technology that helps human life. I believe there is always a good purpose behind a newly created technology. Certainly the hope of the inventors is to make better quality of life, especially for human beings. In the future, I do not want our earth to be like the movie Wall-e, where humans are very complacent by sophisticated technology, they become lazy because life is very practical and instant. They became apathetic and do not care about each other as advanced technology is addictive. Day by day of there will of course be discoveries of new technologies. It may be difficult to deny its existence. But I hope that in 2030 we can live better, in harmony with advanced technology, nature, and fairness, without forgetting our role on this earth (KS VANIA).

In the future, probably in about 14 years, I want to live on the earth that is more convenient than it is today, that is still providing fog in the morning, rainbow after the rain, and warmth of the sun. The earth where every morning we could breathe fresh air that is extremely clean compared to now. The earth where our eyes can still see insects that are looking for meals, and hear the sound of birds squeak. Sometimes I wish for a future life that gets back to the roots of life of our ancestors who upholds the value of life from nature (KS NUNING).

I wish that in the next 15 years, the world is more peaceful, secure and comfortable. Educationally and socially, humans have to be equal. A leader should not be served by the public, it must be the other way around. Hence, there will be no leader who acts arbitrarily. Along with advances in technology, biodiversity ranging from microbes to many-celled creatures should not be endangered and still maintain its continuity. Natural ecosystem is preserved and no deforestation, rather a massive restoration. In a world where there are no longer inter-religious strife, ethnic, racial and other differences. The position of women is no longer considered mere of a decorator and made as an object, but also has an important role in this world (KS THIFAL).

What type of the world that I want in 2030? I think type of the world that I want is the world which make me live my life easier, but I realize that I’m not living alone in this world. The type of world that I want in 2030 is the world with many mosques and prayers inside, because I believe that people with faith will not do crime and violence. Not only that, the world I want is the world without war. What can we get from wars? Only sadness, death, and hostility. Perhaps only greedy people get happiness out of wars. Are you sure you want to be part of greedy people? I guess you don’t, but who knows right? Nowadays violence becomes popular because many people in the world do that. The world I want is the world without violence, and full of people who care for each other. The world that I want to live in is full of kind and smart people. To make it a reality we must acquire more and more knowledge so that the world that I want is the world that makes us easy to access information and upgrade our comprehension on many issues. Good governance comes with good knowledge, without corruption, collusion, and nepotism. Actually the type of the world that I want and have expressed above, is not only for 2030, but is the type of the world that I want nowadays. Okay, i know that we need to go through a process, so I wish the process can start from now, and in 2030 the ideal type of the world that I want will come true (KS FIFI).

Hope will continue to exist despite the circumstances. In good or in bad situation, hope will continue to ignite. In 30 years I would like see my children and their friends learn and play in a safe, comfortable and peaceful condition. A field or a playground for children to fly kites, play football and other traditional games should suffice. Children not imprisoned by pollution, and free to move. Seeing people prefer bicycles instead of motorized vehicles. There is no traffic and traditional markets more prosperous than shopping malls (KS REGI).

In 2030, I would be 41, my wife 40, and my first child would be 15. I really hope that in 2030 people who live in it can see things carefully. All the predictions of experts where there will be a population explosion, resource exhaustion, reduced water and melting ice in the poles do not occur. People live with attention to nature (including animals and plants in it). Human beings seek for profit, not only for themselves but also for sharing. Watching children play cheerfully, safe without fear of filthy sewage in the river and air pollution, and safe food without any chemical substance (KS ADI).

Imagine there's no heaven ... It's easy if you try... No hell below us ...Above us only sky ...Imagine all the people ...Living for today... Imagine there's no countries ...It isn't hard to do ...Nothing to kill or die for ...And no religion too ...Imagine all the people Living life in peace... January 1, 2030 is no longer just one day celebrated with all the people in the world, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion and social status. In fact just in one day alone (New Year) people can rejoice together at one time. In 2030 all humans live in harmony, the ID card no longer has religion column, so there is no need to fear for the origin of religion, just the capability of kindness during one’s lifetime. There is no longer a condition to have one God for sacred promise of marriage, isn’t our Lord is just one? 2030 will be a year of perfect harmony between human beings where there is no war. Happiness of seeing a child plays without fear of danger. So when God comes down to earth to fetch us all, we are ready, and God will be happy to welcome us to his house. You may say I'm a dreamer ,,,But I'm not the only one... I hope someday you'll join us ...And the world will be as one (KS DITA).

In 2030 I would be 35 with 2 or 3 cute children. I want me and my loved ones live in a world of peace of course, free from wars and conflicts, I want humans on earth aware that what they do must be sustainable. I want to live in a world where the lush forests are still intact, water is still crystal clear, animals and plants can live and breed well and of course the air is still clean. I wanted to stay on Earth with humans who are fully aware that money is not the main source of happiness. Keeping each other happy is an intrinsic happiness. I want my children to know what flowers look like, what is a panda bear and other animals, not only from the history books. I want to live with others without barriers of religion, nation, race, or social strata, all unite and work together to make peace with nature, established a good relationship with the earth and all its contents, defeating ego in the heart for the sake of a better life (KS SEPTI).

The journey to "2030", is not a long journey. But it was a trip to fill the series of time with all hopes and works. But, sometimes I feel unfit to truly hope for what I dare do to my universe during this time. Modest expectation that I still dare hope is just to see my children and grandchildren live in harmony with their universe (KS RINI).

The world full of sharing and caring. The world free of "I-Me-My-Mine" syndrome (WEILIN HAN).

I want the world where my children live... Is an Earth that full of take and give ...Where the bluest sky meet the greenest sea ...When the kids knows what good things have to be ...Look that Cherry's wild ...Praise for Shirley's smile ...(ADJI ANDJONO).

My expectations: 1. Empowered socially and economically. 2. Financially, productively and ecologically smart.3. Nutritionally balanced. 4. Living in tolerance under Pancasila, the nation’s philosophical foundation. 5. Happy, harmonious and prosperous familiy.6. Developed democracy (FRANS TANTRIDHARMA).

In 2030, I want to see the coral reefs in Indonesia re-grow. Our grandchildren again enjoy beauty and clean oxygen it produces. Coastal forest thrives in conjunction with other ecosystem so that community needs are met (LEO RAHMAN).

Just Imagining 2030 makes me happy. I cannot stop smiling. In want to live in a world where suffering continues, because from real suffering we can understand the sweetness of simple happiness. The difference is, suffering is accepted, appreciated and embraced compassionately. I want to live in a world full of compassion for oneself, others and the universe (SHIERLY MEGAWATI.

A better world as a legacy for our children and grandchildren so that they could sing: I saw mother earth ...Her heart rejoice ...Her tears gone...Her gold and diamond plentiful ...Forest, mountain, ocean, paddy... Our wealth savings...Now mother is happy...She smiles (UUN).

In 2030 the trees in the Teak Garden would be 20 years old. I do not know if I were still alive in this world, I want them to remain as sustainable teak forest, a source of water for farmers on the slopes, the source of life for the community, plants, and animals. I want monkeys to live there, eagles nest, and white-eyes and turtledoves breed (HARTONO).

"We are connecting, so every part of earth could respect to each other and full of love..." (MARIA).

In 14 years time, I would like to be living in a world where education is available for all even in the most remote area, a world where we compensate teachers, and health care workers better. A world where health care system is easy to be accessed by all. By 2030, I would like to see Family and Nature become the focal point of raising and educating the young. In want to live in a world in which empathy becomes a universal language. A world where we focus on outdoors activities for people living in the cities, more green areas or city parks, better and innovative public transport system. I would love to see that by 2030 we can recycle all human wastes (bodily, household, factories, hospitals, restaurants) into a big massive machine and turn it into a renewable energy so we can stop destroying mother earth. In conclusion, in 14 years I would like to see a cleaner air and environment, people with high moral and consideration of others, and preserving what is left of the next generation by inventing/finding other energy sources and food sources  (ANASTASIA SURATMAN)

In 2030 I would want to live in a world where there are no more wars. Where people are compassionate to other beings. A world where we know no discrimination, where all what we do is based on loving kindness towards each other. I want to see a world full of smiles, a world full of forgiveness, and most of all a world made out of affection where we love each other and Mother Nature (MARIA ALEXANDRA).


Text and Images: Eco Learning Camp