Organic Enthusiasm at OGH Expo

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10 October 2012 | blogpost

The Organic, Green and Healthy Expo 2 (OGH Expo 2) themed Organic is Beyond Food, Organic is a Lifestyle returned to repeat the expo’s success of last year. This year the exhibition brought together farmers, ranchers, producers, activists and consumners and was held on 5-7 October 5-7, in Tebet Green Mall Jakarta.

KOI, The Organic Community of Indonesia, gathered more than 100 small and medium businesses and organizations to promote their products, services and knowledge on organic and healthy living.

Seen at the exhibition a variety of organic and environmentally friendly products such as: rice, chicken, snacks, spices, honey, soaps, cosmetics, detergents and others.

The expo opening received positive responses from the Indonesian Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Chamber of Commerce and culinary connoisseurs.

Over the weekend a series of programs concentrated on education entertained visitors, including

  • Organic Cooking Demo by William Wongso, Indonesia’s renowned master chef
  • Seminar on Organic Certification in Indonesia by Andjar Syukmadi from the Minister of Agriculture
  • Healthy Lifestyle Mom by Melly Manuhutu, a famous singer
  • Organics in your Backyard by FAM Organic
  • Natural Foods for Everyone by Kainara
  • Healthy Cooking for Children by Mama Koki Handal

Omar Niode Foundation at the Expo

Healthy living, such as eating organic and natural foods is not only a trend, it has become imperative for every individual. As such, OGH Expo 2 was organized to show that organic food is healthy, inexpensive and easy to obtain.

To raise awareness on the importance of healthy living and eating organic and natural foods, on Sunday 7 October Omar Niode Foundation collaborated with Javara Urban Farming and Honocoro Community in a talkshow on Local Wisdom, Natural and Healthy Organic Products.

With an audience of almost 100 people, we shared information on traditional knowledge, what is organic food and why it is important for us. Basic organic urban farming and a demonstration on making jamu ice cream were the highlight of the show as audience had the opportunity to taste the ice cream.

Jamu Ice Cream revisited

Dian Anggraini, the Program Manager Omar Niode Foundation began the talkshow by describing about the

Foundation, including its vision and missions posted here.

Dian also informed the audience some activities held since its formation, including the Foundation’s participation in international food bloggers conferences. All these activities are posted on our blog here

In showing how to make jamu ice cream, Irma Haryadi and Aminah of Honocoro Community explained that Jamu has undergone a revolution in terms of its presentation.

Originally, jamu was consumed warm and bitter to the taste.  Over the years and some innovation later jamu is presented in the form of an ice cream that can be enjoyed by all.

Our previous post on Jamu (traditional herbal medicine) Ice Cream can be found here.

Javara Urban Farming

Helianti Hilman and Andi Noertjahjo of Javara Urban Farming explained local wisdom and the importance of  consuming of organic products. According to Andi, we have to understand how our food is processed and the benefits of eating that particular food.  Consumers have to be more selective in choosing their food.

Our earlier blog post on Helianti and Javara is posted here

Helianti presented  Indonesia’s natural wealth and the local wisdom contained therein. As an example, she shared her experience when visiting Flores on the eastern part of Indonesia. Unfertile soil dominates Flores. Nevertheless, despite the condition many plants survive including moringa. Moringa leaves has a higher calcium content than milk and a higher protein content than meat and eggs. Its potassium is higher than banana and its vitamin A is higher than carrots.

Helianti and  Andi showed some potted plants from their  yards and invited participants to begin planting crops that can be consumed at home. Irma and Aminah then showed each of  the ingredient of jamu ice cream, to which Andi and Helianti responded which ones can be easily planted at home.

As enthusiasm grew in the audience, the talkshow, scheduled for 60 minutes, ended almost 2 hours later.

We at the Omar Niode Foundation are happy to have made new friends that would like to join in our future activities.


Images: Omar Niode Foundation, KOI