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14 October 2012 | blogpost

On the main stage at the Social Media Festival 2012  in Jakarta, culinary connoisseur William W. Wongso  described how his twitter handle @williamwwongso and instagram account – williamwongso - have catapulted his reach to foodies in Indonesia.

ACMI movement

“Be sure to always use #ACMI whenever you mention Indonesian food on twitter,” William says. ACMI, an Indonesian acronym of Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia, is a movement to love Indonesian food.

William who came to the Festival at the invitation of Telios TV, continued: “I use instagram to document interesting moments in Indonesian traditional markets, not only for the goods but also the human moods that will be more interesting if you do it in Black and White. You can never get the same moment over time, even in the same market.”

Looking fit at 65, William has captured the attention of the mostly young visitors at the Social Media Festival 2012 by talking the lingo they are familiar with, food and social media.

Create and Collaborate

The culinary chat with William Wongso was only one among more than 100 programs of various topics at the Social Media Event 2012 (socmedfest) that runs from 12-14 October.

The US Embassy in Jakarta, one of its supporters, promoted the event as one of the largest events of its kind in all of Southeast Asia.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest level of social networking users in the world. The country has more than 4 million registered blogs, occupies the 4th position for Facebook (44,214,400 million users) and the 5th for Twitter accounts with Jakarta as the leading city in the world for twitter use.

"As the country is actively using social media, the Social Media Festival is a platform for social media activists to meet and to create something positive through collaborations among communities, individuals and brands present in this event” says "Andrew Darwis, Chairman Social Media Festival 2012.

Themed Create and Collaborate the SocMedFest, organized by Kaskus,, and Daily Social brings together online communities, content creators, high­ tech startups, and telecommunications and technology companies.

Socmedfest showcased more than 130 communities, 30 startups, 50 marketplaces, and 30 media partners.

Food and beverage businesses attracted to the festival by the power of social media vary from giants like Coca Cola (with more than 53 million likers on its facebook page) and Nestle to small enterprises like Tempe chips Mafia @tempemafia

Inside the food and beverage tent visitors flocked to Bagel Bagel, Bakmi GM, BOBA Inc, KFC, Kopitiam Oey, Rumah Sushi, SABOGA and Steak Hotel by Holycow.

Dapur Masak

At the DapurMasak booth, Soegianto Widjaja its co-founder passionately spoke about his efforts in making teens love cooking, even if at first they don’t know how to cook.

DapurMasak is a social cooking network where food lovers can post their recipes, reply it with their own cooking, share the experience in their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and make new friends.

Soegianto said, DapurMasak has not formally launched its business, but winning the Indonesia ICT Award 2012 in a start up category has made its membership jumped from 300 to 5000. 

The co-founders of DapurMasak shared its recipe for success with TechInAsia. DapurMasak simply engages members to really cook, spread the recipes and challenge others to recreate or modify the same dish.  Badges and reward points for each activity posted in the site can be exchanged for cooking tools and vouchers from its partners.

An event worth repeating

When William Wongso began his talk at the SocMedFest main stage, he categorized the questions that his twitter followers always asked: Where to get Recipes and Where to Eat.

As DapurMasak seems like a good reply to answer the question on where to get recipes, at least in the culinary matter the SocMedFest 2012 targetting 100,000 visitors has been successful in translating its create and collaborate theme.


Images: Omar Niode Foundation, Socmedfest


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